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IndigoSCADA Section

A small footprint open source SCADA system entirely developed in ANSI C and C++98 with multiple OS support and multiple back end protocol drivers:

FeatureProduction LevelBeta LevelAlpha LevelPre alpha LevelOpen source licenceNon-FLOSS licence
Use of data to generate daily/weekly/monthly/management reportstick.png tick.png
FDA 21 CFR Part 11 requirements tick.png tick.png
Historical and Real-time graphical presentation of datatick.png tick.png
Real-time event and alarm notificationtick.png tick.png
Integrated real time and historical databasestick.png tick.png
SQL editor allows for on-line maintenance of real-time and historical databasestick.png tick.png
Multiple users with different access rightstick.pngtick.png
Easy Backups tick.pngtick.png
It runs on Linux tick.pngtick.png
It runs on Windows tick.pngtick.png
Softlogic programming with C scripts: please see Calculated.dll drivertick.pngtick.png
Built in IEC 60870-5-101 data types tick.png tick.png
Hot Standby Failover system tick.pngtick.png
OPC DA 2.05, A&E 1.1, HDA 1.20 clients tick.png tick.png
IEC 60870-5-101 master and slave protocol drivertick.png tick.png
IEC 60870-5-103 master and slave protocol drivertick.png tick.png
IEC 60870-5-104 master and slave protocol drivertick.png tick.png
Modbus master and slave protocol driver tick.png tick.png
DNP 3.0 master and slave protocol driver tick.png tick.png
OPC DA 2.0 server tick.png tick.png
RFC1006 protocol (ISO-On-TCP) rfc1006 rfc983 tick.png tick.png
IEC 61850 client and server tick.png tick.png
MQTT 3.1.1 client subscriber and publisher tick.png tick.png
OPC UA 1.03 client and server tick.png tick.png
IEC 62056 DLMS/COSEM client and server tick.png tick.png
OPC XML DA client tick.png tick.png
M-BUS master tick.png tick.png
SCADA security. Please contact an IT Security Engineer tick.pngtick.png

Metrics by Open HUB:

Download binaries and sources from:

Get IndigoSCADA at SourceForge.net. Fast, secure and Free Open Source software downloads

Download and installation of binaries

- Download the file indigo-scada-binaries-day-month-year-hour-min-revnnn.exe

- Remove directory C:\scada on your PC, if any, of the previous release.

- Run indigo-scada-binaries-day-month-year-hour-min.exe and install in C:\ directory.

- If the new binary release is database compatible,

copy configdb.fdb currentdb.fdb resultsdb.fdb resultsdb.dbs files,

copy every .ini files (execpt manager.ini) and .ui files of your superseded C:\scada\project directory

in the new C:\scada\project

- Configure the firewall exceptions for TCP ports used by IndigoSCADA (see TCP ports in .ini file in C:\scada\project)

- To start the scada, run the process C:\scada\bin\manager.exe

- Make login as user 'Developer' and password 'qwerty' or user 'System' and password 'qwerty'

- For further help see C:\scada\Help\IndigoSCADA_install_en.txt

- See C:\scada\Help\LICENSE.txt for the license that governs this software.

Note that IndigoSCADA is free software, and consequently there is NO WARRANTY.

Download and installation of sources:

- Download the file indigo-scada-src-day-month-year-hour-min-revnnn.tar.gz

- Install Microsoft Visual Studio C++ 6.0 or later

- Install qt-3.3.x-p8.7z

- To compile, go to C:\scada\src\daq directory and run daq.dsw with MSVC++ 6.0 or later

- Set 'all' as active project and press F7 key to compile

Clone of sources on GitHub:



How to configure the HMI for the Simulator

- How to use HMI designer

How to configure drivers

- How To Configure OPC DA Client Driver

- How To Configure DNP 3.0 Master Driver

- How To Configure Modbus Master Driver

- How To Configure MQTT Client Driver

- How To Configure IEC 101 Master Driver

- How To Configure IEC 103 Master Driver

- How To Configure IEC 104 Master Driver

- How To Configure IEC 61850 Client Driver

- How To Configure Calculated Driver

- How To Configure OPC UA Client Driver

How to configure OPC DA Server

- How To Configure OPC DA Server

IndigoSCADA user manual

- IndigoSCADA user manual

IndigoSCADA with SDM120 energy meter

- IndigoSCADA with SDM120

Running IndigoSCADA with Wine

- Running IndigoSCADA with Wine

How to connect Arduino to IndigoSCADA

- How to connect Arduino to IndigoSCADA



Why IndigoSCADA name?

IndigoSCADA started monitoring indigo concentration in 2002 at an indigo dyeing process plant.

Software architecture

IndigoSCADA inter process communication is based on client/server and publish/subscribe pattern.
Inside a process, the observer pattern (a subset of the publish/subscribe pattern) is used.
IndigoSCADA uses the signals and slots language construct, introduced in Qt, which makes it easy to implement the observer pattern.

IndigoSCADA architecture
IndigoSCADA architecture
IndigoSCADA architecture with communication protocols
IndigoSCADA architecture with communication protocols


IndigoSCADA is distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL).
Please review the licence if you are considering using IndigoSCADA in your project.

IndigoSCADA matrix with description of development level and licences

Module nameDescriptionProduction LevelBeta LevelAlpha LevelPre alpha LevelOpen source licenceNon-FLOSS licence
ui.exeUser interface, HMI, DB interfacetick.png tick.png
hmi_designer.exeHMI designertick.png tick.png
monitor.exeBack end process tick.png tick.png
sqlserver.exeHistorical DB servertick.png tick.png
rtsqlserver.exeReal Time DB servertick.png tick.png
manager.exe SCADA processes managertick.png tick.png
dspserver.exe SCADA processes messages dispatchertick.png tick.png
rtps_mngr.exe RTPS managertick.png tick.png
protocol_configurator.exe Protocol configurator user interfacetick.png tick.png
opc_client_da_driver.dllOPC Data Access 2.05a client driver tick.png tick.png
opc_client_ae_driver.dllOPC Alarm &Event 1.1 client driver tick.png tick.png
opc_client_hda_driver.dllOPC Historian client 1.20 driver tick.pngtick.png
modbus_driver.dllModbus driver tick.pngtick.png
dnp3driver.dllDNP 3.0 driver tick.png tick.png
iec101driver.dllIEC 101 driver tick.png tick.png
iec103driver.dllIEC 103 driver tick.pngtick.png
iec104driver.dllIEC 104 driver tick.png tick.png
Calculated.dllCalculated points driver tick.png tick.png
opc_client_da.exe OPC Data Access 2.05a client protocoltick.png tick.png
opc_client_ae.exe OPC Alarm &Event 1.1 client protocoltick.png tick.png
opc_client_hda.exeOPC Historian client 1.20 protocol tick.pngtick.png
iec104master.exeIEC 104 master protocoltick.png tick.png
iec104slave.exeIEC 104 slave protocoltick.png tick.png
iec101master.exeIEC 101 master protocoltick.png tick.png
iec101slave.exeIEC 101 slave protocoltick.png tick.png
iec103master.exeIEC 103 master protocoltick.png tick.png
iec103slave.exeIEC 103 slave protocoltick.png tick.png
modbus_master.exeModbus master protocol tick.png tick.png
modbus_slave.exeModbus slave protocol tick.png tick.png
dnp3master.exeDNP 3.0 master protocol tick.png tick.png
dnp3slave.exeDNP 3.0 slave protocol tick.pngtick.png
opc_server_da.exeOPC Data Access 2.0 server tick.png tick.png
rfc1006driver.dllRFC1006 protocol (ISO-On-TCP) tick.pngtick.png
rfc1006client.exeRFC1006 client protocol (ISO-On-TCP) tick.pngtick.png
rfc1006_server.exeRFC1006 server protocol (ISO-On-TCP) tick.pngtick.png
iec61850driver.dllIEC 61850 driver tick.png tick.png
iec61850client.exeIEC 61850 client protocol (MMS) tick.png tick.png
iec61850server.exeIEC 61850 server protocol (MMS) tick.png tick.png
mqtt_client.exeMQTT 3.1.1 client subscriber tick.png tick.png
mqtt_client_publisher.exeMQTT 3.1.1 client publisher tick.png tick.png
opc_ua_client.exeOPC UA 1.03 client tick.png tick.png
opc_ua_server.exeOPC UA 1.03 server tick.png tick.png
dlms_client.exeIEC 62056 DLMS/COSEM client tick.png tick.png
dlms_server.exeIEC 62056 DLMS/COSEM server tick.png tick.png
opc_client_xmlda.exeOPC XML DA client tick.png tick.png
m_bus_master.exeM-BUS master tick.png tick.png

Production level: stable enough for production environment
Beta level: stable enough for production or test environment, but with limited features
Alpha level: stable enough for test environment
Pre alpha level: unable to use the module in any environment

Open source licence: LGPL v3
Non-FLOSS licence: Non-FLOSS licence for closed source projects

- IndigoSCADA development

IndigoSCADA can be used as a protocol gateway/concentrator with any combination of Input and Output protocols:

Any Input Protocol (down-stream)
DNP3 master
Modbus master
Iec101 master
Iec103 master
Iec104 master
Mqtt client subscriber
OPC DA client
OPC UA client
IEC 61850 client
IEC 62056 DLMS/COSEM client
OPC XML DA client
M-BUS master

One Output protocol (up-stream)
Iec104 slave
Iec101 slave
Mqtt client publisher
Modbus server
OPC UA server
OPC DA server

How to configure Gateway

- How To Configure Gateway

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