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15+ years of monitoring solutions & services


Currently we are specializing in SCADA protocols and Real-Time middleware (2001-2021)

Telecontrol and monitoring

In the past we have done:

Automated chemical analysis of indigo and sodium hydrosulfite using only optical methods (1996-2008)

Endenim application note

Ceramic tile classification using a small number of image features, with improved machine usability (1998-2000)

Ceramic tiles

Service and data acquisition software for paper machines (1995-1996)

Paper machines

In 1993 we moved from organic chemistry to computer science.

Drug design, in terms of research it is similar to software: partly based on rigor, partly on intuitions.

In 1993 our research group published the article about iminosugars:

Lay L., Nicotra F., Paganini A., Pangrazio C., Panza L.
A new procedure for the synthesis of azasugars
(1993) Tetrahedron Letters, 34 (28), pp. 4555-4558.

A new procedure for the synthesis of azasugars
Documents that cite the paper

Poster published on 28 May 1992
cover (1992)
poster (1992)

May 1991: we were stuck in the synthesis of the molecule 9, when we get the molecule 10 thanks to serendipity.
This research earned us a coffee and thirty years of article citations.
thesis_page23 (1991)
thesis_page24 (1991)
thesis_page50 (1991)
thesis_page56 (1991)
thesis_page57 (1991)
thesis_page58 (1991)


It seems that now (2020) the route to produce iminosugars is double reductive amination (DRA):


introduced by Ellen W. Baxter and Allen B. Reitz in 1994

Expeditious Synthesis of Aza sugars by the Double Reductive Amination of Dicarbonyl Sugars


It is amazing that such a small change replacing an oxygen atom in a sugar molecule with a nitrogen atom can have wide ranging therapeutic benefits.

Iminosugars: small molecules with big potential

Iminosugar antivirals: the therapeutic sweet spot

Repurposing of Miglustat to inhibit the coronavirus Severe Acquired Respiratory Syndrome SARS-CoV-2

The iminosugars celgosivir, castanospermine and UV-4 inhibit SARS-CoV-2 replication

Iminosugars With Endoplasmic Reticulum alpha-Glucosidase Inhibitor Activity Inhibit ZIKV Replication and Reverse Cytopathogenicity in vitro

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